2 Years Ago Today: London Bound

It’s the obligatory post isn’t it? The, I can’t believe the time has come and gone and the friends I made, that became my family, are still in my life like we were in The Tun last night and we were dancing on that weird stage, with the chavs staring, and the DJ laughing, as we sipped on cheap sugary cocktails or ciders, and made our way to the dingy Bacchus club to keep on the beat and the drink and the flirt, ’til the pull, post.

Or maybe not quite that.

But listen world – or least my dedicated blog-reading family – A life time has passed in the last two years that is almost incomprehensible. A birth, a marriage, a family and even a death… well… of sorts. We’re not the first to find this experience shoved into such a space of time, but it is our day today. Two years of building relationships that feel like those from a lifetime. But better.

Meet me weak. Meet me scared and timid. Watch me explore, hurt, love, learn and follow a common thread of international ambition. Become my family, where we love. Always love even when bitter and angry.

You can’t chose your family, and we didn’t – we bonded because we knew our sanity relied on the relationships. We were lucky that we landed in the middle of our city with each other. Back in 2011. We were lucky that our families were each other.

And the lives we lived. Free to just do what we needed, wanted.

Become whatever it was you wanted with no judgement…

And because of that I became the woman I wanted to be. The city gave me that. The tall buildings full of strangers. It’s easy to be confident with strangers, they don’t know your character flaws, don’t know that biting your lip isn’t to be sexy, but to be nervous. That a giggle, could be real, or could mask tears.You can push through it all then – if you can handle it, the newness of it all.

We could handle it. I could handle it and that’s the gift.

The experience. Run away to a strange land and find yourself.

It’s cliche for a reason.

xx, Kristin 

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