A Reindeer’s Christmas Wish

Note: This is my Original Christmas Story that was published in both The Freeman’s Journal and Hometown Oneonta in the December 24th, 2010 edition. It was on the front page of All Otsego. It has also been added to my Achievements section.

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A Reindeer’s Christmas Wish

Night fell with a whoosh and a burr, as the snow whitened the Douglas firs.

Reindeer cold, bundled in for the night, where waiting for dawn and the sunlight.

They shared jokes and stories, laughs and tales, ignoring the winter wind as it wailed.

But no such story but the man in red, stories of Santa Claus, could put the little reindeer to bed.

And when the last words had been shared, and parents had given kisses to show they cared,

They snuck into the woods, whispering and plotting to fly. If they could.

If they could fly, one reindeer proclaimed, Santa would take them along, unashamed.

So, they took to the forest, ideas a-plenty, to find a way to fly, take to the skies gently.

Bringing their furry, brown heads together, the little reindeer planned, forgetting the weather.

One reindeer, voice so loud, yelled out his idea of which he was proud.

They’d take a pine tree, and bend it back, tying the tippy-top to the ground, flat.

Then all the reindeer would climb aboard, and wait for the call, “We’ve cut the cord!”

And then they’d fly, high in the night, taking the clouds in their momentary flight.

But the other deer look nervous at such a plan, for he seemed to forget one thing, how they’d land.

So back to their planning and plotting and hope, the little reindeer thought while sledding down a slope.

Then one proclaimed as she took a small jump, “What if we made such a very big hump?”

We could build up the snow, up so high, and then sled down the slope, up the jump, and to the skies!”

For a moment they cheered and began to build, but soon they realized they would be unfulfilled.

For yes they would soar, but only to fall. It was clear they needed to think a bit more.

So, on they went, thinking and planning, completely engrossed in all the fun they were having. 

Wishing Merry Christmas to their neighbors, came with ease, As they continued to trot around the trees. 

A fox scampered by and an owl flew overhead, “If only we were a bird,” one of them said.

With joy the reindeer jumped around, for it was this statement that in which their new plan was found.

They would build wings from branches and bark, and then to the North Pole they could embark.

Santa would welcome them, arms open wide, and tie them to his Sleigh to go for a ride.

Around the world, one night only, reaching every child, making sure they wouldn’t be lonely.

So, the deer tied and pull with vines and holly, to make these wings, so they could see Santa, Mr. Jolly.

Beautiful wings, made like a holiday wreath, adorned the backs of the reindeer, buckled on their bellies, underneath. They danced around, leaped and jumped, with big smiles on their faces. They were clearly pumped.

But their wings didn’t flap and the breeze was too weak. They couldn’t be pulled from the forest floor and over the creek.

Sad faces and drooping heads, the reindeer quietly wandered back to their beds.

Most gave up, but one still hoped, and she cleared her throat, before she spoke.

We can try tomorrow, it’s not too late, that’s when Santa will fly, I cannot wait.

Maybe he’ll come to grant us this Christmas wish, maybe we’ll get the opportunity no reindeer could miss!”

Now, nearly home and chilled to the bone, a little light flickered in the sky, up with the stars, up so very high.

They watched, they waited, as the darkness faded.

Afraid to speak, and even believe as Santa’s magic sleigh came down through the trees.

Hello young reindeer,” he proclaimed, Sorry, I’m late, New York’s weather is to blame!”

The deer looked at each other in surprise, as Santa continued to sparkle in their eyes.

He stepped towards them and into the snow, So, are we all ready to go?”

With joy they leapt to Santa’s side, as he said, “Who is ready to fly?”

One by one, their feet left the ground, snow dropping from their hooves, their flight had been found.

They danced over the trees, and into the night, each little reindeer lost in their flight.

They harnessed up, and readied to jet, as Santa called them each by name, a perfect set.

Without being flung from a tree, or shot off a slope, or placing twig and holly wings to their back with makeshift rope.

The little reindeer glided through the skies, Santa’s sleigh in tow, with a perfect shadow of eight reindeer that passed over the woods below.

And Santa called out, to which they all agreed… “It will be a Merry Christmas, a great one indeed.” 

(c) Iron String Press 2010


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