An Immense Bridge going into White Fog…

Hello All,

When I got back to England in late January, I had less than a week to pack up and move into my new place. The new place is really wonderful. Centrally located to Kingston, right next to the train station that will take me into central London, it’s close to the markets and night life and a very, quick walk to my campus. The one fault? No internet. Let me tell you, trying to keep up with the world without the internet is a beast.

Finding it a struggle – as you know – between writing my book and the world I live outside those pages, I put this blog – and other online stuff – on the back burner. It was too difficult to be on the search for a cafe or pub that could provide me long hours catching up on all my internet responsibilities. This, however, turned out to be the best accidentally choice, and without distractions I have accumulated 47,000 words – most of which have been extensively edited, with the help of my writer’s workshops. 

It turns out, I really enjoy not being held captive by the junk that steals hours of my time on the internet. In fact, I’ve never had a better book developing atmosphere, and I’m slightly apprehensive to give that up. Very soon, my flat will have the internet. Perhaps, by the end of this week. I can only hope that I can keep off facebook and news sites to continue chugging along with my book.

Though, at least I’ll be able to get this blog of mine up and running again.

Here’s too unkept New Years Resolutions! 

Anyway, here’s a poem I wrote for one of my classes. Enjoy!

. . . . . . . . 


there it is.

just on the other side.

Shadows of ferns and thorns of rosebushes.

only one way across.

an uncertain step.

bits of bark slip loose.

they fall into shallow, rushing water.

inches deep. miles deep.

a steady step. a steady leap.

to be swallowed by

Shadows of ferns and thorns of rosebushes.

. . . . . . . . 

xx, Kristin 

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