Becky says things about … a letter to my creative self (aka ‘Bertha’)

What a great article for the creative-minded! Meet Becky’s Bertha. x

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Dear Bertha,

Hi there. It’s me. I know you haven’t heard from me properly for a while, but I’ve been busy, okay? Life, work, cleaning the bath, making casseroles, they all take up my time and sometimes they’re just more pressing than you.

It’s not all my fault, mind you, it takes two to tango. You haven’t exactly been forthcoming recently. I tried to get in touch with you a month or so ago, and I sat in front of my laptop for an entire hour waiting for you to show up, and you didn’t. You made me look a right idiot in front of Microsoft Word.


So I think it’s time we had a chat.

We need to be honest with each other. You see, I’m not sure this is really working out.

It’s not you, it’s me.

I know I don’t make time for you when I should…

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