Captain’s Log

There is no note on the passage of time.

No lost journal or diary – no captain’s log.

The sun rises to another day, at the same moment it leaves the land in the darkness of night.

The moon, quite confused, can be found in either but never both.

Rain falls, the sun bakes.

But it is the moment – this moment.

This moment.

This moment.

You have never been more alive.

Felt a deeper breath.

You are more alive now that you were in the last moment.

Last moment.

Last moment.

How quick it is to be alive, to feel so much in milli-space of time.

A fleeting moment that may become lost as the sun rises on yesterday’s morning.

But that moment was still lived.

Without a note.

Without a journal or a diary.

Even – without a Captain’s log.

This moment – where the moon is confused – You are most alive.

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