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Some of the best advice I ever had when dealing with projects, came from dealing with cliches. The creative mind always wants to be original, strives for that unique idea. But I believe that comes with time, if even that.

There are only seven plots after all. 

When I discussed this with a professor who assigned a design project on contrast, I was very frustrated with my work. I explained that I had chosen to do city vs. country, but I wasn’t satisfied because I felt like it had all been done before. 

His response: “Well, have you done this before?”

Short and simple, but the point is there.


My First Design Project – 2008

The above design is the result and while not a confident design – being my first attempt to make art with computers – the words have lasted. Words I think of each time I get stuck. It works well to aid the process of quieting my inner critique when I begin to write. 

xx, Kristin 

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