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Sometimes the beginning of something is obvious.

Sometimes, it’s not.

Sometimes you wake up and realize you are in the middle of a story that you never saw coming. Wether influenced by the lives around you, your own chosen path, a path that perfectly merges with your own, or even a sad moment of surrender, the plot is always shifting and building towards a climax.

While my own story has been building for the last 23 years, I have reached a new beginning. This blog is where I begin to actively pursue my longstanding passion of writing and turn it into my career. It is time I take this interest seriously. It is time to build a life with writing at its core.

I have taken several steps recently that will act as a catalyst for this pursuit:

  1. This blog. It is an obligation that will require me to exercise my skills, and publish my work where it can receive criticisms. 

  2. Time Frame. With several friends, I have constructed this online publication for creative minds to publish their work.  Together, we will continue to build and develop this site, striving for the highest quality in ourselves and our contributors. 

  3. Graduate School. In the fall, I will attend a graduate program at Kingston University in London. After this year long program, I will receive a mater’s degree in Creative Writing and Publishing.

This is what I want. I am moving towards this goal. There is no reason I should run from reaching what I consider “making it.” There is no reason I should run from becoming an author. Although I was a graphic design major at Oneonta State I received positive feedback on my writing skills, accomplishing an english minor. Outside of school, I have continued to hear the same positive comments on my abilities. The encouragement is outstanding, and with it I will find the strength towards becoming an author.

Here, with my first post, I must implore that this is a beginning. I am an unknown. This blog, this post, this sentence is unknown. While, it is proof that I can write for my own pleasure, I cannot hide that as my storyline develops I would like my unknown status change. Someday, I want to use this blog to reach out to other authors and readers. Someday, I want this blog to be known.

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