How I’m Writing a Book:

I am writing a book: Fact.

I am a blogger: Fact.

Question: How do I combine these two writing worlds?

Answer: A series of blog posts on how I am writing my book.

Trying to explain why I am going to post my writing process on this blog has been harder than actually writing my book. Simply, I want to help and encourage others who want to write. I also want to keep a record of the process for my future books. This seems liks a wonderful way to reflect / revise, while finding a way to explain exactly what I do when my twitter status says: #writing.

While the steps are subject to change, this is what I am planning:

For my own book, I am currently working on Step Four.

Each step will be full of my personal experience, and any tips I have picked up along the way. I will even say right now, that so far the hard part for me has not been the initial creation of my book but the re-drafting. However, I have found the re-drafting progress to be the most exciting.

You can soon expect the first post on Step One of How I’m Writing a Book – Finding a Muse.

I am open to feedback on the coming posts.

xx, Kristin

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