I am Your Fingertips

River Ram Press: Weekly Writing Prompt…

‘Write a letter to someone, or something, that’s been trapped in your mind, be it fictional or personal.’


It shouldn’t be this hard, but it is. I want to blame you, but you’re brilliant. You are something that should be shared and honored by all who meet you. There are people who need you and it’s up to me to make the introduction. Even I am humbled by your message and I want to be introduced to you in your majesty. But that’s not how life works, right now life has put me in the place of burdened-honor by your side. It has put the weight on my shoulders as you glide under a golden cloak of divinity. I’m hunched under the strain, wanting desperately to meet your eye in our partnership, but there is an inert fear in me that you will not see me as you would the others. It keeps me bowed. I am to give you onto others, and in that breed of devotion where my time is sacrificed there is little left for me to bathe myself within at the end.

There are few who know you as I do, but even those do not know the answers as I should.

Right now, I am prepared to dance for you. With you. To open your pages and find the will within myself to bring all these strands into a cohesive blend of lines and patterns. But how does one start? Dip the brush into the paint and stare at the blank canvas where the glistening shapes in your mind can only be translated by the perfect communication between the weaving curves and your fingertips that control the brush. The pen is the same, as is the camera and the clay.

You are those glistening curves, gold as your cloak.

I am your fingertips, trembling at the challenge.

I know that I must meet your eye and stand tall by your side, ready to use my ambitions and ethics to drive your message through to each of those who desire to see. It will only work, if this is how I choose to paint your message in the skies. To find your authentic nature I must become your equal. Your words must echo along the curves painted on my canvas and written on my pages.

My strengths will be my gift to you. They will be my sacrifice, my donations, my dowery. I will take on the challenge you have presented, and shed my hunched gait. Together, we will accomplish the goals of our union.

I am your fingertips trembling at the challenge.


xx, Kristin

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