I’ve been Writing… and Other Related Topics

I’ve started off the New Year with an accomplishment in top secret writing project.

Well, not that top secret, but I’ve been hired to ghost write a novel of epic stories for a wonderful man, and you will all hear about it soon enough. Anyway, after extended months in the development of a summary, we have burst into the new year already completing a chapter and starting the next. It feels good to flex the creative bits of my brain again. Building language and finding the poetic license needed to create sentences, paragraphs and dialogue to represent this tale. It’s my favorite challenge in life.

Obviously, or this blog wouldn’t be called ‘Kristin Bergene: Writer.’

Now that was the most important news, from my perspective.

In other news, I’m taking a break from facebook. (Literally, if I try to even type in facebook.com my computer redirects me to luminosity for a bit of brain training). I’ve been using my time for more important things, like calling or emailing people. Writing blog posts. Writing the book. Reading some books. Working on the ghost project. Staying afloat in my full-time job that is in the process of beginning a new season of events and classes, as well as being a teammate down. Spending quality time with my boss, my boyfriend, my family.

… Working on River Ram Press.

We had a very productive 2013 for RRP, and it’s gearing up to be an even more accomplished 2014. With a focus on revenue, building our brand / imprints and kicking off 2014 with the launch of our first publication for The Ram Boutique in the means of a short story. TRB is a literary journal that promises to keep the functions of a journal, while adding a new look into production volume of the genre. On January 30, we will publish our first submission in the journal. (It will reappear in the April 2015 volume). I am very excited for this project and, with the faith I have in my team, I know it will be a beautiful product.

If you’re interested in submitting to The Ram Boutique, please do! We are going to publish one submission on our blog / website a month. This is sure to give our writers a good portion of publicity, not to mention find their work in the very first addition of the journal. Who knows what that could mean for your relationship with RRP in the future. If you’re interested, visit our site and tell them I sent you!

Happy New Year everyone, and good luck with all your ambitions for 2014!

xx, Kristin 

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