Important Notice

Hello again!

Quick notice, I have changed the URL for this blog from to…

Please make sure to change any bookmarks you may have created linking you to my site.

I would also like to say that I am aware that this is starting from scratch, and all minor progress that I may have created with this blog will have vanished, and I am okay with that! Sometimes, when you hit a rut the best place to start is the Beginning – no pun intended, haha.

The reason I have made this change in 100% based on creating a market for myself, and I have no shame in that. Kristin Bergene is my name, but it is also my product and I must use it how I want it to be seen.

I have also changed to

I sincerely hope this is not to much of a trouble for those of you who had been following my progress on these two sites! As always I appreciate your support and feedback.

All the best, and keep in touch, Kristin Bergene

PS: This is hopefully the last time I will ever change the URL on my blogs, as I try to not make promises I cannot keep.

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