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I realize that my last couple of posts have been quotes I’ve picked up around the internet, but it’s all because we’re on a wave of good fortune at the moment. Such a busy time in my life as I come out of that black pit we call depression. Still wary of that beast, but definitely with the focus on the present.

  1. Look to the past with fondness, tears and smiles both allowed.

  2. Think of the future as a direction towards one goal at a time.

  3. And keep yourself moving one day at a time.

This is where I am, and I’m such a happy girl for everything.

Now, that I have reintroduced myself back into the world of productivity, I’ve been active on several projects. Old and new.

  1. River Ram Press – I have posted about this new publishing company that I’ve co-founded with my business partner, Jessica Becking. We’ve a snazzy and unique logo. We’ve a website, and a blog, and a twitter. We’ve a killer mission statement, direction and business plan. Each week we check off our to-do-list and remember our business and personal goals. Not a single person would be surprised to know that one of my personal goals is to one day move the business to London, and open a branch there. As we’re already international, Canada and America, I don’t think this would be a far reach for us ambitious women. We’re pretty stellar independently and even more so as a team.

If I do say so myself.

  1. Adam’s Army – The writer’s workshop that I was part of in London has risen again. We are learning to deal with our now stretched out,  (aka: members are now very international), and young professional, (aka: busy, busy, busy), group of writers, but again, pushing through the personal goals on this one. It’s the best way to be productive. For me, I want to use the short submissions to get this blog back into a solid taste of my creative writing abilities. At the moment, I’m working on one piece of the romantic genre – though, not quite what you would expect. No lovey-dovey from this kid. No sir.

Anyway, you should be seeing that piece in a month-ish.

  1. – Glipho, as you know, is a place I love to post unique articles. Things that are beyond my Art Design portfolio, and beyond my ‘life-concentration‘ of writing that one would find in this particular blog. There you can find articles that I’ve done on flying, pop culture and politics. Though with my sense of style, you can imagine what those reads would be like. Yes, that’s right – smooth as a thought. Anyway, I’ve taken my hand with Glipho in a new direction. I’ll admit, it’s a struggle to me. I am worried about writing about this chosen topic, but it’s that worry that makes me feel like we need a front line. I’ve chosen, that amongst my assortment of articles, I want to speak on depression. I won’t say too much here, but if you’re keen to follow that storyline, you can find my very first article on the topic on Glipho, (link below).

Let’s Talk about… This First Step Yes, I’ve been suffering from depression. However, I’m proud to say that I’ve begun to see the positive effects of finding the right support…’ 

  1. Freelance Copy Editing – This is a slower venture of mine at the moment. I am still working on one particular project, a great read. However, now with RRP needing my attention for those incoming manuscripts, I might have to either A) Give up the business, or B) Encourage future projects to be done in the name of RRP. Still my work, but with a cooler logo! (And by that, I mean… a logo, as I don’t have one for my freelance work).

Okay, now this is the part where I start with some bad news, :(, and wrap up with fantastic news, :D! I apologize for breaking anyone’s heart with this one, though it’s probably would be only very close friends and family, I think.

  1. The Corporation – As in, the bad news. My baby for many years, will become the last thing on my big list of priorities. If you made it through the above notes, you can see how much responsibility has currently landed on my resurfacing mind. Now, I don’t want people to think I’ve given up my goals and dreams on this project – I haven’t. There is no way, because frankly, I never let anything go. Ever. For reassurance, I do have a friend helping me edit what I’ve accomplished to date. Once I can get back into this particular project, I’ll be in the right place – according to personal goals – and be ready to shoot out the last part of the book. Fingers crossed, as the objective is to have what I’ve finished so far in final-manuscript-mode before I pick up the pen for the final battle.

  2. Ghost Writing – To start, I will not be saying much on this project. However, all those worried can see I am still writing! Even if I have to put aside my own work for the months I dedicate myself to this new project, I promise you all it’s a fantastic trade off. The man is an inspiration and his ideas for this book make me want to read it. Which is just silly, because I’ll be the one writing it all out for him. At the moment, we have a 6 month goal for completing the first book and I’m so excited for the challenge and the opportunity. It has become my #1 priority. 

See, not a bad reason to put my book aside, huh?

With these 6 responsibilities, I’m sure most people would think I am nuts to even consider a thought of other projects. However, one must remember that I’m still working my full-time job at the Smithy, (gallery manager, online market manager, social media manager, publisher / editor and fundraising assistant). Not to mention, my desire to keep this blog active, now that I’ve positive things to talk about and, very soon, new creative pieces I’m creating specifically for here.  And, I still have 2 children’s book that I really, really, REALLY want to finish illustrating this winter.

It’s a good thing my social life is still very minimal while I’m living at home. Just my boss, my co-worker and my boy.

I should be able to manage all this right?

xx, Kristin 

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