It’s May?

This – is not what I expected from May!

Pandemic. Snow. Wind. Cold.

Back when I wrote “May 16th” on the whiteboard for planting our seedlings. I imagined it to be warm, maybe even hot, and having my family come to help.

But, we must find the positives. There is only one more weekend to go before we are supposed to plant the baby peppers, tomatoes and sunflowers outside. This weekend forces me to pause before putting them out too early. I have been super excited for this moment to come.

Now, of course, I worry that next weekend will not be far enough past the last frost date. This is a crazy May, for certain, but again, I’m focusing on the positives!

One of my favorite greenhouses in the area, Faddegon’s, started allowing people to shop via. appointment. With a strong desire for some normalcy, I put my name on the list! Of course, there was a little motivation here, not just a stroll around some of the most amazing greenhouses with the most unique plants…

When ‘nurturing’ my plants this past week, I accidentally tipped one of my hanging plants over, knocking dirt and a couple of baby ivy plants all over the floor.

Big whoops there.

So, I went with the intention to surround myself with beauty, fresh air, and wonderful greenery, and to pick up a succulent for my cutie swinging planter (something my sister gave me when I moved into my new apartment, and something I love dearly). Of course, surrounded by beauty, and knowing that I will be inside just a little longer into the summer season, I brought home a few other beauties.

A couple of flowering, outdoor plants for some beaten-up planters we dug up from the old garden (giving them a second life), another big bold lavender plant, and another goldfish plant (for inside).

The flowering plants are currently inside, to protect them from the crazy wind and the crazy cold.

It was a wonderful outing for my mental health! I walked around Faddegon’s for 30 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime. There is so much beauty there, and fantasies for the home, all based around horticulture. It felt like life had found a little normalcy, to be able to walk around one of my favorite shops and make plans based on botanical daydreams.

Anyway, at least for another few weeks, I will obsessively love my indoor babies.

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