Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday: New Year, New Start for the RRP Blog

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Kristin Bergene & Pippa

Stepping over the threshold of a new year is always an exhilarating experience. With the intense feeling the motivation that comes with a new beginning to the self-made promises of self-betterment, there is so much to fuel the fire within that allows you to achieve great things (even if only for a little while). This feeling does not escape those of us who are working hard behind the scenes of River Ram Press. Already in in 2015 we have made small steps to reach our personal goals of giving new life to the RRP Blog in it’s second year. With the recent updates that you are now viewing, we are now able to give our deserving writers a longer shelf life on the front page and with that, show our readers the diversity of the content we aim to provide them.

This new blog look continues to open more doors for more talented individuals to join our…

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