Kristin’s Touch Base Tuesday: Writers, What Do You Need?

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Kristin Bergene & Pippa


This week, I got an email from a writer who told me of his aspirations to finish his current novel. It is, after all, the first step in getting picked up by a publishing house or an agent. But this email started me thinking, we are a company that aims to #InspireWriters, but we’ve not yet thought about getting in touch with those who have their book, but need help starting or finishing. We offer prompts, loads of talented writers to inspire you and bring challenges such as NaNoWriMo to your attention, but I think we could do more.

I know we could.

What I want, is for every writer who has a book in their head, in their notes, half written, or even less, to tell me what River Ram Press can do to help you reach your goals and personal expectations. I want you to send me an…

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