London Book Fair 2014 Wrap-Up

And here are the results of my voyage abroad to the London Book Fair 2014.

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Hello Everyone,

The amount of notes that I took at the London Book Fair would make my college tutors proud. Every seminar offered exactly the information I’d hoped to learn when I decided to take this trip. It was a chance to learn and to make wonderful connections, all with the simple purpose of expanding our community. To those who have recently joined our RRP ranks, welcome!

To summarize River Ram Press: As of now, as before, we will continue to reach out to new adult and young adult readers and writers. Our goal is to inspire and, by doing so, allow the growth of an organization that will encourage all talents. Each of our current imprints offers the chance for you to find a place to grow within your chosen field. We are always looking for guest bloggers, book reviewers, editors, creative / academic writers and illustrators.

Now, with the fuel of the London…

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