My Book

Dissertation: Done. 

Two week holiday: Sadly Over…

Now, it’s time to take my new harnessed writing skills, and perfected work ethic, and devote myself into finishing my book.

Recently, I made a huge decision on the piece which means my goals for a early spring finish might be a little tough, but I’m optimistic.

By the end of October, my objective is to have a completed, polished and confident Part One. I have written the entier piece, now it’s time to edit. At nearly 50,000 words I am aiming to cut it down to at least 20,000, which doesn’t seem to be much of a challenge. Much of the text was more notes for me on the development than for the reader’s entertainment. Easily, I have cut it down to about 40,000 words while only hitting the first 30, or so, pages.

So, with my pink felt pen, I’m going to get back into that cutting down now.

And I’m pretty excited about that.

(Other posts on my book found here: How I’m Writing a Book). 

xx, Kristin 

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