My New Online Portfolio

To Whom It Concerns,

I would like to start by welcoming you to my brand new online art and design portfolio, which has taken a similar appearance and functionality of my online writing portfolio – Beginning. Please enjoy my art work and if you have any questions, concerns or comments please send me an email –

Over the past couple of months, I have been constructing this blog to fit my needs for an online portfolio. While I had constructed a web site that I was very proud of, it was more work to maintain than I had available to give. It was a personal choice to change my online resource for an art portfolio so that I could spend more work and energy on my art and design than on my website.

The art – after all – is what’s important.

There are many options to see my work on this blog, from slideshows of my art work to pages of the different work experience I have accumulated. Below is a list of what I have also included in my self-promotional package for this blog:

  1. Home PageThis will connect the readers to my recent posts where I will keep you updated with my art work and new additions to my various portfolios. I may also post links to my other blogs of posts that may hold some interest to those coming to this site for information on me as a graphic artist.

  2. PersonalThis will give a little more information on myself, Kristin. If you click on personal you will see a brief outline of my current life. However if you hover you will see three pages that will connect you to me in the most important pieces of my life: Traveling, Artist and Writer.

  3. Work ExperienceHere every project will be shown that I have worked on – from freelance to professional. Each job will be given its own page with information detailing my achievements in this experience and a slideshow of the work I completed for my clients. This I believe is very important to show, so that my future employers, or others interested, will see first-hand my progress and dedication as an employee and the work I am capable of completing.

  4. Art & Design Portfolio This work has been broken down into the many methods of art work I have accomplished. All of the art you will see in this section has been completed on my own time, wether for a class or as a personal project. I will show no paid experience in this section.

  5. Writing PortfolioAs previously mentioned, I am also a writer. This page will connect you directly to my other online portfolio, Beginning. It show segments of my writing ability and asks you to visit my other blog to see more.

  6. Time Frame – A quick page that explains my work with Time Frame and a link to visit the Online Portfolio.

I believe that a place such as this one, constantly keeps the flow of creativity moving. It requires me to invest myself into my work so that I will always have something to show on this portfolio. In fact, I know this theory is true based on my experience of working with my writing portfolio. Once every week I try and add something new, different and challenging to my accomplishments on Beginning. I intend to do the same here. While I will have old work from my days as an undergraduate at Oneonta State College of New York, I will be adding and furthering my abilities by having an easy way to connect with interested parties. There will be no secret to my capability as an artist and a graphic designer with this blog. My progression will be shown and noticed from my talents as a college student to this point as I am on my second career in a graphic design position. There is no reason for me to delay in showing off my work with the effortless posting of this online portfolio.

Thank you for your interest,

Best, Kristin E. Bergene

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