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I came to realize not so long ago that this blog has much more potential than I had originally intended. It is not a secret to those who know me – or have been following this blog – that I am getting a degree in Creative Writing and Publishing. With this, I am learning much about both fields.

I am now able to make informed decisions on the publishing industry. I believe it would be very appropriate to post commentary on the industry right here in my blog. In fact, I am very excited to do so, and I already have one piece of assessment from last term ready to be posted. I will do so later in the week.

I am also taking advantage of the constructive criticism of my peers to finish my first book. I have been working on it with much dedication for the last two years – finishing the first draft last fall. When the story first came to me, I was working at The Book Nook – in Cooperstown. I spent my night shifts writing it without planning, without outlining and found the end by surprise. Now, I am taking this story to those in my workshop to construct it in the most satisfying way. So far, I am really pleased with the progress I have made with their feedback. As I continue to work on it, I feel this is the perfect place to record my book writing journey. It will be honest and – hopefully – it will be very helpful when I continue to write books in the future.

Let me repeat that: When I write books in the future – because, I will be writing books in the future.

I am very excited to continue developing my blog. I have several upcoming ideas for posts, including the ‘after version’ of The Interview that I had promised to post a few weeks agoThe new goal is at least two to three posts a week.

In other words, I am opening my blog post options; commentary on publishing, recording the path I take to writing my book, reviews of film / books / restaurants / concerts, articles on local events, opinion pieces, creative writing pieces, life writing, and any other piece of writing my imagination can find. Though I will reserve my main travel writing for Dear New York – formerly known as Dear London – and my art related posts for my Art Design blog.

This only leaves me to ask: What am I doing to myself by adding so much onto my work load? Especially, when the mysterious future  cannot reveal if anything will come of all my work and ambitions. Now, if only I could figure out how to get more people to come to my blog – haha!!!

xx, Kristin

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