New Inspiration

Here’s what happened.

If interested, here are two of his books that come with recommendation:

  1. The Card 

  2. Woman’s World

Anyway, this man, this unique and creative mind, managed to spark an inspiration in me that I haven’t felt in months.

Can’t remember what he said.

Just know the result.

I have completely reworked the first 20,000 – 25,000 words (Part One) that will require ANOTHER rewrite. (But, this is the last one. I swear). It will bring everything I have, my skills as a designer, and writer into the same bucket and allow me to produce something that is completely mine. For the first time, I know how this story is supposed to be told and I cannot wait to get to work.

Absolutely, planning on having the rewrites done by the 1 January. For sure.

AND yes. More than a year’s work will be tossed.

No, it’s not a waste.

Every minute spent working on my book brings me deeper into the story, creating the believable reality for readers to immerse themselves within. 

These changes will actually be faster and more effective in a less amount of time than I had originally planned! Yay!

Not to mention is this my first book and I’m learning how to build as much as I am actually building. Which is key to producing books efficiently in the future. Especially for the other two books in this series.

Just you wait for it people.

I’m excited. I’m confident.


Now. In regards to the JOB SITUATION. I’ve reached some brand and shiny new conclusions. After a crucial meeting with Inspired Selection Publishing Recruitment Agency, I was made to see this task in a different light. With a revealing and penetrating conversation on what I can actually offer a perspective employer, I realized:

  1. I have been trained, and trained well, for certain positions.

  2. I am qualified for good jobs and, with my fantastic work ethic and developed skill-set, I CAN get these jobs.

  3. The only thing against me is the fact that I need to work for a place that can offer me a Tier 2 Sponsorship. (That’s it. My one hurdle).

If I want to give up what I know I can do for a career with confidence, than I can work a job I don’t want. But this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Just because I want to live in LONDON FOREVER (oh, please. oh, please), doesn’t mean I have to give up what I know I’ll excel in. It’s not fair to me. It’s not fair to my employers. It’s not fair to the wasted words, on wasted CVs of jobs I applied to knowing I didn’t want the interview.

Now I can save the words / time / effort for my book.

With all of this in mind, I’ve begun to find the right balance for my life. Starting last week, I’ve ONLY applied for the jobs I CAN do and actually WANT to do. It saves me hours a week from stress and failure. If I’m meant to be here, then it should be through a good career opportunity. Not to mention that I am 100% ready to have my focus on one job, in one position, in one place. So, it should be something I absolutely want to commitment myself too.

Like the right man. Or puppy.

ANYWAY. In conclusion:

  1. I am in the right place with my book! Excited, and motivated. (Thank you Graham Rawle).

  2. I am in the right place with job hunting! Terrified, but hopeful. (Thank you Inspired Selection).

xx, Kristin 

PS: I’m very aware of how my mood seems to shift with every post. But hey (!!!), at least this one is positive…

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