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For anyone who knows anything about me, it’s evident that I am a very entrepreneurial sort of person. While I may not have an MBA, I always like to have a project to keep my skills fresh and my career progressing. The latest venture I find myself part of is the development of a new boutique publishing company, River Ram Press.

I did repost our blog introduction to the world, but for those who missed it: Welcome to the Blog of River Ram Press.

I am very excited about this new project. How better to discover the ways of publishing than to create a company and build it from the ground up? A fantastic way to continue my education while I might be in a place – coughtcentralnewyorkcough – that does not offer much opportunity to either work or intern in houses. There is nothing I enjoy more than taking my life into my own control, even when it seems I’m at a standstill.

For those following my blog, it’s evident that I’d been going through a tough time of resettling into a life I wasn’t convinced I wanted to be part of. I crashed pretty hard back into my life here in Cooperstown, only really making the daily effort for my job – which I suppose says a lot about me. I’d given myself the summer, full of it’s ups and massive crashes that we call downs, to forgive myself for flailing. There was really more to this displacement than I ever imagined, and many who’ve experienced the same can sympathize. It is quite massive to explain, and I rather not divulge at the moment.

The whole while, I’d been talking to my most admired business partner, Jessica Becking. One of the many ambitious and incredible people that I had a chance to meet and call my friend while we all studied in London. We met at the pub I used to work at in Kingston-Upon-Thames – O’Niells – to chat about life and graduation in January. The conversation soon turned to us and the idea of creating a publishing company that we could use to keep ourselves going during the changes we knew were to come. From that day until this, we kept the idea growing until we were ready to bring it to the open as RIver Ram Press

We make the perfect team, Jessica the business and the vision, me with the marketing, design and web. I am so excited to work with her on this, even to exercise our skills and learn new ones in the process. This is the start of a great venture, and I invite you all to join us. Writers, publishers, creative minded and the general curious sort, please welcome yourself to follow our journey and get involved as we take our business slow and steady to find strength in our mission.

Please subscribe to our blog, RiverRamPress.Wordpress.Com to catch updates on our first title, our informative website being publishing and general publishing information that strikes our fancy. There should also be the occasional guest post from our professional community in both publishing and with fellow writers.

All in all, it will be a good time. 

xx, Kristin 

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