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It has been awhile since my last post for a multitude of both important reasons and unimportant reasons, but tonight I will finally have a moment to create a post! While I am at work for production night for the newspaper, I will begin to analyze my creative writing process. There are several reasons for this choice of topic, which was inspired by Nathan Bransford.

I have listed those reasons below:

  1. I want to show the development and growth of my abilities. Even though I have been writing creatively as long as I can remember, the way I develop stories changes constantly. There is no habit or uniform way that I lay out a story. Compiling this information on my creative process now, will make it available for me to use in the future – Obviously. 

  2. If I can figure out my current writing process, then I can find both my strengths and weaknesses. With this information, I can find confidence in my strength, and discover the area that need work. It will make it easier for me to see where I need to redevelop my creative process and therefore become a stronger writer – Yay.

  3. As I have mentioned before, I am interested in helping others become authors – once I understand how to get there myself. In the future, this post may serve as a guideline when trying to instruct others. It is never to soon to start thinking about the future; especially because, while it is possible to change your mind about what you want, it is impossible to go back in time and figure out how exactly you got where you ended up – Complicated.

Most importantly – I am curious.

Tonight, I hope to cover the beginning, middle and end of my writing process. I would also like to point out in advance that since I am writing late at night, I am already exhausted, and I will be focusing on sending out the pages of all three newspapers, it is likely there will be more mistakes in this post then usual. I am aware that one of my weakness as a writer is my bad habit of writing to fast, and leaving many grammatical errors in my wake. I promise I will re-read, but please be ready for errors.

Wait for my new post later tonight/early tomorrow morning!

xx, Kristin

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