Project Update

Two updates, two projects.

Working Title – Release:

I was actually able to write a small section for this book last night.

89 words to be exact.

I think in the case of this project, it will be quality instead of quantity. Though, I have to accept that if I don’t become more aggressive on pursuing the memories the project will:

  1. Take a life-time to write, edit and complete.

  2. My memories on the topics might become a bit rusty.

An intelligent me would write down the plot-points I want to follow, but it seems odd while I still live in the shadow of this experience. Though, perhaps an un-ending end would be appropriate?

Anyway, enough with the musings.

Tasks for Release (1 week deadline):

  1. Write important story-lines / details

  2. Complete at least 2,000 words (only 1,911 to go…)

Can I just add: To my fantasy / science-fiction mind, this life-writing stuff is really unnatural. I think the only reason I can do it, and keep it honest, is because I’m not thinking of it for the public eye.

Working Title – The Corporation:

While I’m not sure if I mentioned, I decided to rework the book as I do this final (hopefully) rewrite. It was a thought that if I want to write it in a new style, then I should iron out the kinks that have been bugging me: ex, my main character’s age.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to chat with one of my most trusted critiquers from my writer’s workshop about the new developments. She was intrigued with the idea, but then gave me a few tasks for the project…

Tasks for The Corporation (2 week deadline):

  1. Write 2 chapters of the narrative change

  2. Write a synopsis of how the ‘kinks’ will change and redevelop the storyline

So, as I’ve said five times before – THIS is the last rewrite. Whatever happens with this, it is what it becomes. I’m ready for new projects and I believe I’m ready to produce products with a reasonable deadline. I believe this part to writing is essential. I need to know how I write, the best way for me to be productive and all the steps that keep me moving forwards. This project has let me work on that, and even if the book comes to nothing, I’ve learned so much about myself as a writer for a market compare to a writer for myself.

Very educational 😛

– – –

Anyway, there is a ton for me to accomplish here in the next couple of weeks but as always I’m up for the challenge. My new job is fantastic, but it is nearly 7 hours a day of cleaning, painting and organizing. I’m quite tired by the time I get home and this is causing some productivity problems for the books.

Let’s hope my positivity wins out here. Otherwise I’ll have to wait until we’re open for the season and my work isn’t as physically demanding.

xx, Kristin 

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