Really Want to Post

Let me start with: I am not posting because I do not want to post.

The reason my creative writing posts have been still are because I have been so busy with life. Soon, I hope to make the time for writing and getting back into a once a week habit. There are some major hurdles to pass, but once they are done in the next few weeks I should be able to get back to what I need – and want –  to do: WRITE.

For now – if you are desperately missing my online voice – I am posting on another blog about the excruciating process of getting ready for graduate school. This is because I am quite focused on getting prepared for being an international student, and recording this detailed and long process. Putting everything down in that blog so far has really helped me keep track of things and save myself from a few messes. Technically, I have not announced it’s existence to my friends or family yet, mostly because the posts are rather informative and boring for the uninterested – I have been writing about loans and visas mostly. However, if you are so inclined you may check out that blog here — Dear London – and yes, I am using blogger for my London blog. I do have have to say as well, that I am really proud of how the blog turned out. 

Hoping to write something awesome really soon,

xx, Kristin

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