Last nights Ripple Launch Party was a success!

Standing room only, great reads from our talented authors and all one hundred of the copies brought to be sold were gone before the night was even half over. You could hear praises in every direction, and I for one agreed with their admiration.

Still do. 

I am exceptionally proud of being able to work on this team of professional and ambitious colleagues. Sweat and stress and triumph – I’d do it all again. It was an experience where everyone was able to use their skills to create such a beautiful published product.

On that positive note, I’ve updated my RIPPLE Work Experience page with the bird illustrations that I developed for the book. I hope they inspire you to order your own copy of Ripple 2012 today – or even tomorrow, that’s fine too. You can do so by visiting the Kingston University Writing School‘s website and click on request a copy.

Below, I have embedded the podcasts that my marketing partner Alyssa and I created. We both also managed to interview ourselves for the Production video – which was a bit of a surprise...

Enjoy! xx, Kristin

NOTE: If you want a copy with my birds inside, use this ISBN # when you order: 9781899999378

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