River Ram Press & London Book Fair 2014

I still write, just for other blogs and other people. 🙂 Come see me at LBF2014!

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Kristin Bergene - July 2013

It’s not often I have the time to write you all a personal note, but this occasion calls for some special attention. Now that Jessica and I have managed to launch our beloved River Ram Press, we cannot begin to express our appreciation to the supporters of RRP. We started our publishing boutique on a passion for reading, writing and publishing. Every decision we make and every plan we have for the future stems back from goals we’d set for ourselves at the very beginning. Now, just over a year in, a few of these goals are tangible and it’s down to a shared appreciation for the written word between us and all of you.

So, from me to you – Thank you.

LBF 2014

Now, on to what this special note is about: For the first time, I will be representing River Ram Press at the 2014 London Book Fair. While…

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