Hello All!

Maybe some of you have noticed, maybe not, but it has been quite awhile since my last creative writing post. There is good reason for that  – I have been very focused on preparing for graduate school. Whether trying to keep organized with a constant flow of emails from Kingston University or trying to find a place to live, my days have been quite crowded. It is unfortunate, but I am certain that once my classes get going there will be a wonderful abundance of creative pieces posted on this blog.

It is also important to note that while my fictional habits have been lacking on this blog, I have still been writing. At least once a week I have made a post in my Dear London blog. In one week I will be getting on the plane to start my long journey over the pond to London-town and I have been focusing on that particular countdown. In fact I made such a post earlier today, which you can check out here: ONE WEEK – Enjoy!

Please excuse my silence, and know that I will soon return with posts-a-plenty.

This blog is still alive!!!

xx, Kristin

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