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A great piece to #InspireWriters by Becky Mayhew. I love this woman! She is such a talent 🙂

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This lovely month of July, we present our SoM award to the zingy, honest and bright Becky Mayhew. Hailing from London, Becky runs her own blog, in which she writes upon a variety of great subject matter with the help of her three dimensionally challenged friend, Stickman. For this particular piece, Becky discusses and muses upon the eternal struggle of an artist: being true to yourself while developing your craft. An excellently thought out post, we are delighted to feature it. To visit Becky and read more of her work, please visit her at Becky Says Things.

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Being A Little Bit True to Oneself

By Becky Mayhew

Before I say anything new, most beautiful listeners, I want to say a heartfelt thank you for your wonderful comments following…

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