Story of the Month: Lisa Vanterpool

First ‘Story of the Month’ on The River Ram Blog by Lisa Vanterpool from Flat 8 Mag! Proud, pleased and excited. Can’t wait to see who will come up next on the RRP blog…

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For the first 2014 Story of the Month, we are pleased to have found this article by Lisa Vanterpool. Founder of the brilliant and beautiful Flat 8 magazine, Lisa posts stories that focus around the comforts of home from the garden to the boudoir. This particular story, that we have asked her permission to share, takes place in the kitchen – the center of every loving family.

Recipe included! 

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Lisa M. Vanterpool



Sweet Memories

My grandmother was good at many things. She used to wear slips to bed every night, which I thought were beautiful even if the hems were often a bit tattered. She’d roll her long, thick salt and pepper hair into pin curls with bobby pins that she stored in an old film container. Every night, she got down on her knees and said her prayers before slowly easing herself between…

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