Summer Goals

I say this here, so I can guilt myself head-first into my new project.

As stated in my last post, the goal is 2,000 words a day. It’s a daily number I have yet to meet – BUT the good news is I have been writing everyday. Working my way up with small punches.

I have no doubts that my warm-ups will lead to the marathon soon. They say that it’s quick to gain the muscle you’ve lost as long as too much time hasn’t passed. And as I used to hit an easy 5,000 a day with a free-write, I’m hoping that translates over to the writing muscle in my brain-parts.

(By that paragraph, I’d say we might be in trouble).

Anyway, here is my intended schedule for the next couple weeks (at least):

  1. PMWriting. Doing whatever it takes to meet that 2,000 words. Of course just saying that makes me feel out of shape, but at least I’m being honest

  2. AMEdits. Fleshing out. Getting rid of ‘ing‘ and ‘ly‘ boo-boos. In this I’m going to limit myself to an hour so I have enough time to fit in a run (or something). Get the physical AND mental into tip-top shape, which I’ve always believed would help boost my creativity to find the right rhythm on the page.

Last night and this morning I’ve achieved everything but the run. I got distracted by the ‘Being Human‘ marathon and have been sitting here writing my way through the day instead.

Which doesn’t seem like a total loss to me.

xx, Kristin

UPDATE: My guilt from the blog post just sent me on a 40 minute bike ride. SO, exercise of the body: Check. 

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