The Editing, The Editing

Hello All, 

Over the last term I’ve discovered a stronger editing process for my book. With the help of my talented course mates and tutors I’ve discovered my greatest weakness. Their voices pop into my head as I work through the text through line by line to find and destroy those weaknesses. While the process is difficult I am really pleased with the current development.

My Current Editing Process: short list.

  1. Adding depth to my setting by expanding the culture and city

  2. Putting more stress on my leading lady for stronger development

  3. Finding comfort and faith in saying things simply because sometimes it’s just better to say it in the most uncomplicated way. ie: I love you.

  4. If I see a ‘ing‘ I rethink the sentence.

At this moment I have completely written Part One of what I consider to be my last version of this manuscript. Most of it has been edited through at least once by my fellow writers. All of it has been edited through by myself. As I continue to work on it as I pay attention to each individual word, spending good time on each paragraph. Part One is about 34,000 words.

For now, I am continuing to edit part one and write part two at the same time. My system is to take time between editing each section so that I have a fresh mind towards the structure and can really weed out as many weak points as I can. I will be using most of part two this summer for my 15,000 word dissertation.

So, I am feeling good. My book is going really well. I just have to keep moving along!

xx, Kristin 

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