The Internet is REALLY Forever

Here’s the what’s going on, I am going through a spring cleaning with all my social media. I was recommended an app to get rid of all my tweets, and the clever thing will clear it out again every three months. I found an app to download entire Facebook albums, so I can remove pictures from High School and Undergrad that no one wants to see anymore. I deleted my Pinterest page and stick to RRP’s when I need that buzz of re-pinning something pretty. The BIG problem is, there was a time when I was a graphic design student and we were told that we needed to collect all the media outlets that we could with our name or our brand. In other words, there was at one point a ‘kristinbergene‘ everything from tumblr, to twitter, to LinkedIn and several WordPress blogs (and weird online picture things for other portfolios). The problem is that in the last four years, I have moved away from the social media craze and stopped using all these accounts that were meant to build a freelance graphic design career – which means, I no longer remember what I have, or the passwords I used.

To make matters worse, the hints I left for passwords are useless. From an account I made my sophomore year in college, 2009, my hint was: What made me the happiest girl today?

How, dearest sophomore Kristin, is that helpful 5 years later? I don’t know what made me happy then. It could be anything from a package in the mail, to Wednesday’s Sundays or even a crush paying me special attention.

Anyway, back on topic: The Internet is Forever.

For all the reasons you would guess…

  1. Others can copy and paste all your content elsewhere.

  2. Years and Years will pass and you will have to clean out all that information – who has the time?

  3. Facebook and other internet kings will take your information and store it for their personal use.

  4. Your emotional attachment will stop you from making the right choices to just download and delete.

And, now, at least one more: You’ll forget what accounts you have, so it will be very hard to go back and delete them.

On that note – If anyone knows of an account I have that I haven’t seemed to use in years, could you kindly let me know?

xx, Kristin

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