The Plot Points

I know what the massive plot points are in my book. Of course I do, it’s my book and I’ve been looking forward to them with a steady progression and development. Never rushing to get there, but really excited for the moment to happen. And, each time I reach the moment, I have to settle down and make sure I know what I’m doing. The last plot point I nailed with really encouraging feedback from those who marked it up for me. It was a challenge for sure, (as shock always is).

But this one that I finally got to last night, this moment is one challenge in which I have to rub my eyes and ask what I’m doing to myself. I mean, there is no point in writing if you don’t find some level of conflict between your exciting ideas, brain, ability and then succeed in building a constructive and clear scene.

Here’s a quick look, without giving anything away, of my newest challenge:

  1. Four characters.

  2. Two can speak.

  3. Two can’t.

  4. One of the Two – stuck in their own head.

AND, all have to partake in a comprehensible and revealing – but not to revealing – conversation.

Writing challenge: Accepted. 

xx, Kristin 

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