Time Frame’s Returned

Get ready for this shameless plug:

The Online Publication that I had worked on last summer, Time Frame, has come back to life! We put together a new team, including some of the old dedicated members, and are more excited than ever to get this site working again. Together we have taken what we learned from round one and with productive brainstorming have begun the changes that we believe will lead us in the right direction. We have already developed a brand new and appropriate look, a weekly poll, opinion articles from the team and a much more organized Submit to Time Frame page, (you are welcome, haha).

Already we have jumped in with a brillant piece of digital art by a SUNY Oneonta student, Jason Sagat.

Later today our second submission will be published and the only hint I’ll give is: poetry.

If any of you are interested in getting your name and your creative work out there, please send in your submissions. We take everything from multimedia, visual arts, music videos, creative writing and any other type of creative medium that strikes your fancy.


Hope to hear from you all soon. xx, Kristin 

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