To Love as a Writer?

Since my first love, I’ve wondered if it was possible to have a truly vanilla romance as a writer.

A writer can only know the world with highest levels of empathy and acceptance as they are always immersed in the lives of others in the books they read, and the stories they write. If a writer works honestly to complete a fiction on a drug addict or someone in a tough situation, they have to fall into that voice without restraint. The most likely result of this immersion will result in the expansion of understanding, and even pity – regardless if they despise their own characters, or these characters should be despised. There is an event, a moment, a lapse in judgement that lead their characters to a moment that made them into the antagonist.

That idea is exceptionally easy to translate in to reality.

While there is the exception to every rule, I believe most individuals who are in a bad situation were not born with ‘evil’ tendencies. I believe they were placed on a fork and for whatever reason, they continued their journey in the wrong direction.

It is a cliche that writers tend to have drinking problems, or other mental health concerns, and when I was younger I laughed at those concepts. In my mind, those challenges belonged to properly complicated writers like Hunter S. Thompson (a personal favorite). I believed it was possible to become a writer and still be a balanced individual – and for some, that’s probably true.

But, things changed pretty quick when I fell in love…

TO BE CONTINUED… xx, Kristin 


This series is based on truths from my perspective on falling in love and being a writer. Some events may be fictionalized, but all are based on truths. My reason for writing this series is to connect with other writers to see if I am alone in this – or if we should set up a dysfunctional support group, haha… 

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