Travel is Weird.

So, I’m on my way to London.

Sitting in Iceland – so very, very sleepy.

(My favorite airport though).

Within one year of being expelled from the UK, I am returning for a business trip.


I spent a day packing. One whole, entire day. (Well the morning part). Tossed my clothes in my suitcase and have only realized at this moment that I’ve left all my comfy dresses hanging in my closet. All I have are tight dresses for the events and for nights with friends, oddly transferable. Transferable? And, the carry on – well I purchased the bag on my way to the airport. Stopped by in Albany. Shoved everything into the massive pockets while riding in the backseat of my car, and made my self carsick. Again. But this bag makes my laptop look like a mouse. But more importantly, I think I finally have the carry on (thing) right. Lotion, chap stick, lotion. Lip gloss. Face lotion.

My body is so dry.

And hungry.

Anyway, will be boarding soon.

Hopefully they will serve tea…

xx, Kristin 

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