Wise, wise words from a fellow reader and writer about the new idea of ‘disappearing ink.’ Have a read!!

Philippa City

There’s a lot to be said for the ergonomics of the dear old book. It is small, often quite attractive and can contain hours of entertainment unlike any other non electrical item. Not just entertainment once over but a lifetime of visitations can turn it into a cherished possession that can stay on the same shelf for decades on end.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the bookshelf, a little higher up and only just out of reach are those books brought into our lives by a flash of an idea. A reason for owning it that once home seems to have escaped you completely. I own reams of books like this; books bought because of a positive review, a passing fad or because I judged it by its cover, not its contents. Presents from people who don’t realise you’ve never read political fiction and art books you looked through…

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