Web Design: a New Look for kristinbergene.com

Between getting my Masters degree, writing my book, illustrating my children’s books and needing a website I have been running out of free time. I created this blog and the blog for my writing portfolio so that I could have a simple way of posting new work. It was a brillant idea by a few of my colleagues.

The rising question for kristinbergene.com soon became whether or not I’ll renew when the time came. I knew I didn’t want to loose the domain name, and that was enough for me to come up with its newest design.

A new look for kristinbergene.com - 15, January 2012

The new purpose for my website is to be a hub for all my blogs. I wanted the design to be elegant and sleek, while adding a touch of my web knowledge in flash. The outcome – I believe – is all of the above. It’s a simple way to navigate  to everything I am online, including my twitter account.

Take a look – kristinbergene.com – feedback is welcome!

xx, Kristin

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