When You’re Not Strong

Trying to find a new routine is essential to dealing with changes. 

Unfortunately, it takes energy and strength and sometimes there’s not much of that lying around. (See my last four months). And, of course, the further you fall, the harder it becomes. But in these moments, find your strengths.

Old habits that you use to have.

The daily routines.

It could be from how you brush your teeth in the morning, to the amount of time you give yourself to relax after work.

For me, these are my key routines that help me find some normalcy:

  1. Morning workout routine – at least 3 mornings a week. This is one of the hardest to return to once I’ve fallen off track. Waking up earlier when it’s already hard to find a way out of bed. We’ve all been here.

  2. Evening workout – A walk. A swim. Bike. Mix it up in the week so that I don’t dull myself out of the practice. For example, tonight I took a yoga class.

  3. Time to write – Morning, afternoon, night. When the urge hits, do it. 

However, the most important thing to remember – Do not punish yourself for allowing yourself a break. Guilt adds stress to the day. When you have the strength to push on, do it. When you do not, ask yourself why. It’s never as successful if weaken your mind in the whole ‘mind over matter’ mantra.

xx, Kristin

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