Yes, I am a Feminist.

I am a nice person.

Generally, people find it easy to get along with me and are calmed by the fact that my smile is always genuine. However, the longer I find myself a woman in this world, I am beginning to discover a new level to relationships (and not the romantic stuff). For a long time, like most women, I wanted to deny it all and pretend the problems were my imagination. But these problems are real and in that fact, I am a feminist.

Yes, I am a Feminist.

From catcalling on the street, to husband’s looking to cheat on their wives with a young woman and business relationships becoming uncomfortable with inappropriate sexual suggestion, at the age of 26 I have a full load anti-feminist behavior directed at me. Comments from men about bad driving, being in need of protection, hinting that I should refrain myself to more ‘lady-like’ behaviors and being told ‘who I am‘ by ex-boyfriends who couldn’t compete with my confidence. Now, as I find myself becoming a leader in many aspects of my life, I am faced with a new level of sexism.

When we talk about sexists calling strong women ‘bossy’ or ‘bitchy,’ we envision them being men. The reality is that other women are just as guilty, yet seemingly unaware that they are putting down their own sex. What they would allow a man to do in the office without comment, they would begin a trail of complaints for if the same action was done by a female colleague. Ladies, I urge you to become self-aware and ask yourself if your behavior is one-sided before taking part in the conversation. Support the strong women around you, don’t let others tear them down. These woman will be the ones to continue paving the way for generations of girls to come.

Here’s to the bitches! … I mean strong, women leaders.

Oh, and for the record: the way I decide to get dressed all fancy in the morning is for me, not you. 

xx, Kristin 


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