You EFFECT People

This is not a creative post.

This is a simple public service announcement from your’s truly.

You effect people.

There seems to be a common trend in society where individuals do not seem comprehend this little life-fact. It’s really not that hard to believe if you mediate on your interactions that you’ve had during the day. To put simply, was there someone today who made you chuckle with a good conversation, or frustrated you because they seemed to not care about you being a satisfied customer? Do you think those people are always happy?

Or always grumpy?

Are you?

Probably not.

When I say ‘you have an effect on people,’ I mean this equal to and beyond examples like impressing that one person you are head over heels for, or wanting to make an ex cry for breaking your heart. The fact is, you have left an impression on those that have come to mind as you read this. I can even promise that you have left an impression on someone that you met on the street or talked with while they worked hard to serve you a coffee. It could be a comment on a blog or Instagram.

A cliche that I believe in: ‘You could make a person’s day with a smile.’

Your words have impact and if you say cruel things, you can be the single thing to break a person. Even something small, like shouting out your car window or giving a dirty look could bring someone to tears and you would never know. Karma doesn’t work in quick-time, it works in lifetimes – which means you should be trying even harder to not be the one adding to the weight on someone else’s shoulders.

Some people are hurting that much inside.

Just as you could be hurting inside.

You could make someone’s week by being a professional with your job. You could be the person to introduce a new way of positive thinking to someone not just by being yourself, but by being kind and open. Answer your phone with a smile, go out of your way to make someone feel happy, small acts of kindness – anything that could bring a little positivity to someone’s life. You have no idea how much your family, your friends or strangers might need to hear a kind word in the very moment you are with them. People are very good at bottling hurt and sadness deep inside.

I want to encourage you to be honest, open and patient with the world – not just today, but every single day.  

Be mindful.

If someone is trying to tell you something, listen.

If you think there is more that you need to know of a story because you care, ask.

Drop your ego when it comes to how you deal with the world.

I may be more sensitive then most, and reading has only added to my levels empathy, but I am telling you these are the facts. You never know where your actions will get you, but you can guess what your actions will have on another – which is why I am urging you to take the time to be mindful and…

Please realize, you effect people. Good or bad – it can happen in a second.

xx, Kristin

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